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For the first time in history: coal tar is more expensive than crude benzene! Is that normal?
2019-05-06 10:10:03

Although crude benzene as a coal-series products, but its downstream use of chemical properties. The substitution of hydrogenated benzene and petroleum benzene determines that "crude benzene" is affected by macro, crude oil, downstream derivatives of pure benzene, geochemistry and other factors, and is greatly affected by peripheral factors, making it increasingly difficult to judge.

But the high temperature coal tar comes the speech, actually receives the international crude oil influence to be quite limited, only the crude oil up and down situation can affect the merchant's operation mentality. Judging from the coal tar price in 2018, the influencing factors of the market are still on the supply and demand side, and the market pays more attention to the terminal products, such as needle coke and tire industry, this year. Needle coke has made considerable profits this year and its market competitiveness has been enhanced, which to some extent supports the price of coal tar. From the perspective of the operating rate of coal tar deep processing enterprises in 2018, although the overall operating rate is slightly lower than that in previous years, what is slightly different from that in previous years is that in 2018, there are more deep-processing enterprises for the resumption of production, and most of them are built by relying on upstream coking enterprises or undertaking downstream terminal facilities. In addition, according to the information statistics since 2019, there is a batch processing plant production to be answered, and most of the attached downstream needle coke plant, the domestic several needle coke production to solve the predicament of surrounding coal asphalt sales, the main product market rebound is bound to bring the enterprise a greater incentive to produce, is expected in 2019 will become the deep processing of coal tar device around the production capacity of 25.7 million tons, at the same time effective utilization rate of equipment or lies between 50% to 53%. This supports the price of coal tar "strong", the original is "expensive for a reason"!

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