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Raw materials plummeted coal tar deep processing industry profitability
2019-05-06 10:15:14

In August, the moderate temperature coal tar changed the weak trend in the early stage, the main production area of shaanxi yulin rising like hong, in the light coal tar sales hot, hydrogenation manufacturers procurement enthusiasm, moderate temperature coal tar market demand into good support, the rise of eye-catching performance.

According to the information monitoring, early fu valley manufacturer small density 1.045 medium temperature coal tar tax price 2710 yuan/ton, compared with the previous auction prices higher 55 yuan/ton, and brings obvious positive support to the market, then tar hydrogenation manufacturer small density with cost by 2640 yuan/ton rose to 2695 yuan/ton, part highs in 2720 yuan/ton, ningxia more follow up adjustment, continue to pull up signs of the coking plant offer exist.